If you’re a woman and you’re living in Pattaya, you might be tempted to escape the routine by taking yourself off to the shops all too often.

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Shopping in Pattaya is fun, addictive and certainly an experience. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something in particular or just having a browse through what’s available, you won’t come away empty handed. From the shopping malls to the market stalls, you will find clothes in abundance, shoes galore and much more besides.

The fashion on offer may not all be to your liking or may only be suitable for the beach, but you’re not limited to clothing. You’ll find plenty of handbags, fashion jewellery, make-up, hair and skin care, music, films and electronic equipment to keep you busy.

If you are not ‘Thai’ size and are on the lookout for a new outfit, the department stores will be your best option. Many of the markets and indoor stalls generally stock smaller sizes. The department stores (found in Central Festival and The Avenue) will generally be a better option for anyone who isn’t ‘XS’. 

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Another option is to head to one of the larger supermarkets where you will find a range of clothing options covering most styles, tastes and sizes. Supermarkets and department stores are not opening to bartering – which is often a refreshing change.

The markets offer a unique chance to get among the Thais and practice your language and bartering skills. The market on Beach Road is aimed at tourists and while you’ll find everything you could possibly ever need for a trip to the beach, you will not find much in the way of authentic Thai produce.

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Head to one of the local markets (which are found across the resort city) for a true taste of Thai-style shopping.  For the ultimate in market experiences, you can’t go wrong with Thepprasit Outdoor Night Market on Sukhumvit Road. This is Chatuchuk on a smaller scale and is where you will be able to find virtually anything you could ever imagine. Just be sure you can take it home with you before buying it!

Shopping is something us girls really know how to do well. Explore the malls and take a wander down the small sois in the resort for some truly memorable moments. The small sois will open up a maze for you to explore and this is where you’ll find small local shops selling a couple of items and will no doubt find some amazing bargains.

There are a number of local artists who sell original works of art as well as many turning a photograph into a masterpiece. The art galleries can be found on Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Naklua Road.  Art makes a good gift and souvenir as do handicrafts.

Pattaya is awash with handicrafts ranging from jewellery to baskets and from wall hangings to wooden figurines. Handicrafts can be found in every shopping centre, with a number of smart boutiques being found in hotel lobbies and the new Central Festival.

Ultimately whether you’re looking for souvenirs, gifts, clothing, beachwear, general accessories or electronic items you will find it all in Pattaya; it really is a shopaholic’s dream!

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