Nobody but Siam Royal View offers you such a spectacular spot to build your second home.

Located on a private access peninsula, on one side is an unprecedented huge private sandy beachfront looking onto a calm and glittering sunset bay, while on the other, you can catch the sunrise or go snorkelling among the coral reefs.

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In between are nearly a half million square metres with a varied an interesting landscape – including a navigable river -painstakingly designed by international landscapers with the highest respect for the lush tropical surroundings of national parkland.

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Facilities include fitness facilities, restaurants and beach club, pools, a vast swimming lagoon and a fully equipped marina. All this only a few hours’ drive from Bangkok, perfect for relaxing weekend or long-term stays, with excellent value for money.


Siam Royal View Koh Chang has been conceived to offer a variety of attractive options to suit your vision of the perfect tropical beach home with its own special advantages.

The master plan makes the best possible use of the varied landscape and outstanding views to face the sunset on Chang Noi Beach or sunset on Half Moon Beach, in the Lagoon section, or choose the more affordable options surrounding the huge manmade saltwater lagoon.

If you wish the utmost in exclusivity, you can enjoy jungle access to your secluded hilltop villa in Peninsula Cove. Avid yachtsmen can choose from a limited number of low-rise condos or lavish luxury villas in The Marina, beside a winding river or on the beach.

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The Lagoon and Beach Front developments and Beach Club are far advanced with the other areas not far behind as more facilities and properties come online as development proceeds.


The landscape plan has been shaped with great deference to the surrounding environment. The entire development is very green with well-managed lawns and Siam Royal View has planted an abundance of fast-growing trees such as coconut palms and other tropical plant life, particularly along the beaches.

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There are no electric or telephone cables visible anywhere onsite, so the exquisite natural beauty of the area can be enjoyed without intrusion.