Alangkarn Show is located at the 155 kilometers road mark on Sukhumvit Road in the South of Pattaya. The entire project includes prototype Hexa Stage Theatre, Cultural Rostrum and a Restaurant.


downloadAlangkarn is aiming towards a new concept of presenting the Thai Culture to tourists, instead of the standard Thai traditional dancing that could easily be founded elsewhere. The unique features are the combination of multidimensional technique presentation through the use of multi-colored laser show, real surround sound system and more.

All Thai performances are professionally choreographed by the team of Supaksorn or Mr. Supawat Jongsiri, director of Performances at Alangkarn. There by making it a modern Thai Multi-Dimension Extravaganza Show called Alangkarn.

If you are looking for a show to take your Siam Royal View guests, then don’t miss this show during the visit in Pattaya Thailand. 3_big