There are many things to do on Koh Chang and a visitor can enjoy a large range of activities to complement the perfect holiday.

Though Koh Chang has seen considerable growth in the last decade, its national park status has ensured that about 80% of this lush island remains untouched by human development. This means the island will not be blighted by the untrammelled building that has gone on in other areas of Thailand.

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Virtually all human activity on the island takes place on the coast and resort centres have set up along many of the best beaches. However even here, strict government building regulations ensure that the natural environment remains respected and available to be enjoyed by all.

On the beach resorts, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy their holiday. During the day, unsurprisingly, the beach is the biggest draw while at night there are plenty of bars and restaurants providing a host of entertainment options.

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The island interior is made up of protected national forest. This provides wonderful opportunities for visitors to explore pristine jungle and experience the island wildlife of Thailand.

There are over sixty national park status islands in the surrounding archipelago, set in sparkling seas, so there are also endless activities in and on the water.

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