Pattaya is a great city for foodies. Great cuisine from around the world can be found here at restaurants ranging from five-star dining of the highest class to tiny roadside stalls serving some of the best street food in the world.

However, when in Thailand, one should surely do as the Thais do and eat the local fare. This is especially true as Thai cooking is internationally recognised as one of the finest and most popular cuisines in the world. By way of acknowledgement, this month we will look at the best Thai restaurants in Pattaya.

Mum Aroi Restaurant Pattaya

Many people consider Mum Aroi the best restaurant in Pattaya. There are actually two restaurants, both under the same ownership although the vote to which is the better normally goes to the one located on Third Road.

It is a very big restaurant, but almost every night it is full to bursting with a predominantly Thai crowd; a pretty major indicator that the food is right on the money. The menu is large and full of traditional Thai favourites; soups, salads, seafood and stir-fries; all of it looking fabulously fresh and everything tastes great.

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Mum Aroi has a raucous, fun atmosphere of people enjoying great food together in a garden setting with foliage, waterfalls and even a swimming pool.

Rimpa Lapin Bar & Restaurant Pattaya

Owned and operated by Thai movie and TV stars, Linda and Oat there is no doubting the popularity of Rimpa Lapin with both the Thai and international residents of Pattaya and further afield. In fact is is not uncommon for the Bangkok people to make the hour’s drive to Pattaya just to sample the restaurant’s fare.

Rimpa Lapin manages the extremely difficult task of fusing Thai and French cuisine with rare skill. The result is spectacular dishes of the culinary arts, like stir fried rock lobster with salted eggs and stir fried crab in yellow curry. Seafood is a mainstay of the menu and the restaurant prides itself on serving the best and freshest available.

Rimpa Lapin has a stylish, but relaxed atmosphere with stunning views over Pattaya bay. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a unique Thai style dining experience.

Larn Thong Restaurant Pattaya

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A world away from the hurley burley of Mum Aroi is the gentle ambience of fine dining Thai style at Larn Thong restaurant, located in the sumptuous Royal Cliff resort Hotel.

Larn Thong is the place where the Thai upper classes choose to dine and the luxury surroundings resonate with a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere. As you would expect, the food is equally exquisite. Dishes from all of Thailand’s regional culinary cultures are on offer and each are presented immaculately.

The prices match the surroundings, so Larn Thong is not for the budget conscious but it is dining Thai par excellence.

Lung Sawai 2 Restaurant Pattaya

Lung Sawai is located a bit out of Pattaya in Na Jomtien. To be honest, the restaurant itself is very basic with no concession made to ambience – just simple wooden tables and chairs under a tin roof. However, excellent quality and freshness of the seafood on offer draws customers in by the hundreds. Lung Sawai is incredibly busy, mainly with a Thai crowd that leave the tables groaning under the weight of the food.

There are two Lung Sawai restaurants both specialising in seafood. Both are very good, but we have focused on number two because the food is simply exceptional and certainly worth the short trip out of town.

{timg title:=”Rimpa Lapin” thumb:=”images/stories/news/blog/rimpasmall.jpg” img:=”images/stories/news/blog/rimpa.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Pic Kitchen Pattaya

Pic Kitchen is a multi-award winning restaurant located on Second Road, Soi 5. The restaurant is set in a number of connected pavilions surrounded by carefully and luxuriously landscaped gardens.

Pic Kitchen is a very professional set up and offers three different dining areas. The Ella Pavilion offers traditional Thai dining seated on cushions on the rich teak floor in an open air environment. The Samak Pavilion offers the same but in air conditioned comforts while the Pavilion has chairs and tables for those who are not as flexible as the average Thai!

The menu features a range full range of Thai dishes, all of which exemplify why Pic Kitchen has picked up awards for the quality of its food.

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