Siam Royal View offers Thailand property investment opportunities to both Thai and international investors interested in the real estate sector.


Siam Royal View is continuously scouting new land and locations for Thailand property investment opportunities. We seek funds on a regular basis to finance new projects and extensions to our existing developments. Our past history records that return of Thailand property investments are above average, representing an excellent opportunity to take advantage of opportunities in Thai real estate. We would like to invite parties interested in Thailand property development equity investments to examine the potential for participation. Please contact our CEO or CFO for further details.

Asset-Backed Loans

Some of our individual property buyers prefer to purchase our villas as finished turnkey objects, which opens the opportunity for interested parties to invest in the development of specific property units. The capital of the investor is guaranteed and secured by a lien on the underlying real estate asset, and the investor can choose between a fixed interest rate and a profit sharing model. Repayment of capital and interest/profit share occurs at the time of sale of the property.

Mortgage Fund

Siam Royal View customers are offered the possibility to re-finance their dream villa with a loan up to 30% of the value of the property. These loans are re-financed through a mortgage fund managed by Siam Royal View. All mortgages are secured with the underlying asset, which is a lifestyle villa in an exclusive location. Siam Royal View offers fixed income investors to buy portions of the fund. The interest rate for the invested capital is typically in the range of 8 – 9 % p.a. with negligible risk (backed up by high value assets, only burdened at a low percentage of the value), with the principal paid back in monthly installments over a period of 5 years. Parties interested in participating in this exclusive opportunity are invited to contact our CEO or the CFO.

Project Financing / Joint Venture

Siam Royal View is developing a number of secondary or spin-off projects. These include: restaurants, hotel resorts, sports facilities, condo buildings, commercial buildings and village subdivisions. They are all suitable for special project financing.

Siam Royal View has secured the location (land), designed the master plan and has the resources to execute the plans. Investors interested in participating in such spin-off projects are invited to examine the plans. Please contact our CEO or CFO for further details