One thing you’re certainly not short of in Pattaya is the abundance of water sports that can be enjoyed. You’ll find all of the usual tourist water attractions such as jet-skis, snorkelling and banana boats but you’ll also find dinghies, yachts and parasailing.

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If you want to take to the skies, parasailing is a great option (for anyone brave enough that is!). Boats depart from Bali Hai Pier and take you out to the pontoons where you will be briefed in the art of parasailing before being hoisted up into the air and enjoying the beautiful 360° views across the coast.

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If you fancy yourself as a bi t of a sailor, yachts and smaller boats can be chartered from Jomtien, which is also home to a number of regattas throughout the year. A popular route for sailors (of all levels) is to head to Koh Larn or a smaller island in the same vicinity. These day trips are great for families and groups of friends and the perfect way to see some of the surrounding sights. If the thought of hiring a yacht for the day sounds appealing, contact one of the yachting clubs (which can be found in the wealth of English tourist directories around) to discuss prices and availability. It’s also possible to rent a dinghy by the hour from the beach.

Another popular choice among tourists (and even the odd expat) is jet skiing. However, it’s very important to be aware of possible scams which are unfortunately all too common. You might well have heard of the scam and if not, then be sure to pay attention!

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The ‘jet ski damage’ con has been going strong for a number of years; despite being exposed on a number of international documentaries. It’s a very simple scam, but one which unfortunately catches people out time and time again. If you want to rent a jet ski and get given a contract which states that there is ‘no insurance’ – walk away. People sign this contract, take a jet ski out for 20 minutes, arrive back to shore and get blamed for causing extensive damage (which is actually pre-existing).  When you refuse to pay the sum (usually in excess of $500), they threaten to call the police and can even get heavy.  The best advice is to make sure you read the contract thoroughly and make sure it states that there is insurance. If not, don’t take the risk.

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On a brighter note, there are plenty of alternatives. Deep-sea fishing is another popular activity and one which can be enjoyed by all. A number of different operators run trips daily and there is the chance to return to shore after having caught some impressive-sized fish. Common catches include: queen fish, sail fish, barracuda, marlin, shark and cobia. It is best to go as a group if you can as usually an entire boat needs to be chartered.  Diving is of course also very popular and you will have no shortage of dive sites to choose from. The diving season is year round, and the prices are excellent.

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