For someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, there is such a wide variety of sporting options in Pattaya that they cannot all be listed. This page lists the most popular sports within Pattaya’s expat community.

Boating, Yachting and Game fishing in Pattaya

As you might expect, living next to a sparkling tropical sea, there are countless water sports opportunities in Pattaya which can be enjoyed all year round.

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Among the choices are water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and dinghy sailing (Hobie Cats and Lasers). All these choices are available at Jomtien Beach or many of the private beaches operated by major hotels.

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For all water sports, equipment and instruction is available and in general safety standards are very high. It is also easy and inexpensive to rent, charter or join a tour on larger pleasure boats for a relaxing day or trip or to explore the nearby islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

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For those who enjoy fishing, there are dedicated fishing boats with expert captains who know the best local fishing grounds and who organise fishing expeditions on a daily basis. There are some big fish in local waters, including sail fish, queen fish, barracuda, marlin, king mackerel, several species of shark and sting rays which will provide a challenge for any fisherman regardless of their experience.


Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in Pattaya

There are some amazing sights hiding below the surface of the Gulf of Thailand and whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting out, Pattaya is the perfect base for divers in Thailand. There are a number of PADI certified schools and daily expeditions for diving and snorkelling to suit all taste, from paddling about a shallow reef close to the beach of an offshore island to exploring local shipwrecks.

For those who don’t want to get their feet wet but would like to view the rich variety of underwater life, there are glass bottomed boats that allow people to enjoy the coral reefs surrounding offshore islands.

There is also a tourist submarine service providing a spacious underwater craft running several tours daily.

Fitness and Land sports

There are plenty of sporting things to do in Pattaya for those wanting a healthy, active lifestyle. Warm weather year round means that your tennis game never gets a chance to get rusty and there are plenty of air-conditioned gyms where you can get your cardio workout and keep your muscles toned.

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Alongside the countless luxury hotel gym facilities, a number of leading international member gyms have established themselves in Pattaya, including California Wow and Gold’s Gym. These gyms feature a full complement of machines and weights. For a more natural approach there is the Pattaya Fitness Park which has a running track and exercise stations.

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For Siam Royal View Pattaya residents and their guests, jogging is easy around the winding lanes of the estate and can finish up with a swim in a private pool or the large community swimming pool.

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The Hash House Harriers organise a weekly social run and for those that want to test themselves to the limit there is the very popular Pattaya Marathon every July.

Several major hotels have tennis courts and professional coaches are available for lessons at many of them. There are also opportunities to join local amateur tournaments. Some area hotels also have squash courts available to the general public. Badminton is very popular in Asia and there are many places to play – mostly outdoors – as well as some excellent opponents.

For those who like to move a little faster, there is horseback riding in a few locations around Pattaya with private lessons and horses ranging from tame to skittish. It is possible to enjoy many different styles of horse riding dressage to trail riding, some people even play polo.

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For those who want to go even faster than that, there are motorsports focused mainly on the Bira racetrack with Formula Renault, Moto GP training and track days. Or you can rent one of countless bikes of all shapes and sizes around town and head off on your own or on a guided tour.

Go-karting with karts for everyone from beginners to professionals are available at the Bira racing circuit and a number of other kart tracks close to town. Frustrated warriors can get together on the paintball field at any of a number of dedicated locations. If you prefer real bullets, there are a couple of shooting clubs nearby, though you will have to confine yourself to inanimate targets. Same goes for the Pattaya Archery Club.

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Golf in Pattaya.

There are so many sports and other opportunities to be active in and around Pattaya that this list just gives a small selection of the choices on offer.

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