Siam Royal View is one of the premier beach lifestyle property developments in Thailand and we are dedicated to maintaining our Koh Chang villa services at the highest possible level.

Village Maintenance

Villa Management and Rental Services

The company’s management team is committed to quality maintenance of the village for the benefit of all our Koh Chang villa residents and their guests.

From the earliest days of construction we have ensured that all in-built water, electricity, drainage, wastewater and road systems were more than equal to the requirements of our residents. We also have permanent onsite maintenance teams available to deal with any problems as soon as they may arise.

We employ a permanent, extensive crew of cleaners and landscape workers to keep the village, beaches and all communal areas immaculately clean at all times. This ensures the natural beauty of our Koh Chang villa community is maintained at all times.

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A number of the company’s senior executives retain personal properties at the development and as such take a very personal interest in all aspects of the village’s services.

Private Services for Koh Chang Villa Residents

Siam Royal View’s management can also arrange a whole range of services for your own property by skilled workers at a very reasonable price.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

If you have a private swimming pool you want to enjoy it and not worry about the maintenance. We can provide reliable maintenance workers to ensure your pool is kept sparkling clean and your chlorine and Ph. levels are kept optimum. Our pool technicians maintain the development’s communal pools so the high standards they work to are available for all to see.

{timg title:=”Our pool services team can keep your Koh Chang villa pool maintained to the highest standards” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchangmarina/Condo/small/cut-grass.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchangmarina/Condo/big/cut-grass.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Garden Maintenance Service

Skilled gardeners with extensive experience in local flora are available for hire to keep your property lush, colourful, and under control. These services can easily be arranged by our management team at a very reasonable price.

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For our residents who wish to benefit from the substantial rental returns offered by their Koh Chang villa, Siam Royal View offers a service to assist with all aspects of villa letting. Not only can we help you publicise your villa and collect fees we can also provide check in services, revenue collection, cleaning and even, if required, laundry services.

Visit our rental pages for more information.

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Maid and Laundry Services

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You need not worry about the drudgery of day-to-day maintenance of your home. We can provide cleaning, laundry and general maintenance services provided by our in-house team or contractors.

{timg title:=”All the communal areas at Siam Royal View are kept in tip top condition by our service teams” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchang/small/cleaning.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchang/big/cleaning.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

Catering & Party Services

Many of our Koh Chang villa residents enjoy entertaining and throwing a party; after all it is all part of enjoying a great beach lifestyle. If you feel like organising a celebration and feel you need assistance, our management can arrange the catering and other services to make your event a success whether it is an intimate dinner party or a full on party.

Our affiliates can handle customised catering, serving and clean-up, leaving you to enjoy the festivities as with your guests.

Transportation Services

Whether you want to meander around the island, head over to the mainland to do some exploring or transfer to Bangkok’s International Airport, Siam Royal View can help with the details. Rental cars, motorbike hire, private cars, minibuses and taxis and can be quickly be arranged by Siam Royal View’s reception staff.

Private Pier

Siam Royal View in Koh Chang has its own private boat pier. The pier allows for easy access to boats for both recreational purposes and private speedboat transfer to the mainland.

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Speedboat Transfer Service to Your Koh Chang Villa

Koh Chang’s regular foot passenger and car ferry services are available until 7:00pm. However if at any time you want a faster transfer or to travel outside the hours provided by the public service, our marina team can arrange a private speedboat transfer service in either direction. We are able to speed you across the water in minutes – a fraction of the time on the public ferry.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit and personal tour of Siam Royal View’s landmark beach property development on Koh Chang. If you would like to receive regular updates from Siam Royal View please subscribe to our email list.