Thailand has a long tradition and deep understanding of health and wellness with its own 1,000-year-old traditional medicine, developed from Ayurvedic teachings from India. The temple of Wat Po in Bangkok is at the centre of this tradition, most famous for its huge reclining Buddha and as being the world’s original and best school of traditional Thai massage.

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Thai people are famed throughout the world for their friendly and polite demeanour as well as their skill of taking care of others. Visiting a spa in Thailand is all about creating a focused and relaxed atmosphere that goes beyond mere technique.

Traditional Thai massage can be seen as “assisted yoga” where you are stretched, bent and prodded for up to two hours, leaving you with relaxed muscles, enhanced circulation and a feeling of mental tranquillity.

There are thousands of traditional Thai massage facilities throughout the country and practitioners can even visit you at your home (or on the beach) for incredibly low prices.

Alongside traditional Thai massage, modern spas have also boomed offering Thai style with a contemporary twist. Thailand has become a major centre of wellness holidays with popular treatments and procedures including: hydrotherapy, scrubs, fasting and colonic irrigation, iridology and a whole range of other preventative treatments promoting a more holistic approach to health.

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Such spas are often situated in major luxury hotel chains and resorts, but also take the form of independent operations.

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