If you are an active outdoor person, the availability of sporting pursuits will be very important. Regardless of whether you live in or are just visiting Pattaya, you will be pleased to know that there are an abundant opportunities to break into a sweat and work off those calories. 

With its beautiful sprawling countryside just outside of the city, Pattaya is home to more than 12 golf courses – all of which are a short drive away from the city. You will also find other sports widely available including bowling, fishing, tennis, softball, darts and football. Muay Thai boxing is also readily available.

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Both international and domestic Golf tournaments are held in Pattaya although if you just want to play for fun, you’ll also find some of the best courses in the country located here. Rounds of golf vary in price – starting at just 300 baht and working up to 2000 baht and whether you’re just visiting or live here permanently, membership to the International Pattaya Golf Club is just 200 baht is for 2 years. This will actually allow you to take part in the regular tournaments.  A variety of golfing equipment such as clubs and shoes can be rented from the golf clubs and always be sure to book your round of golf in advance; especially at the weekend.

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Family activities and sports are also popular, with horse riding being a particular favourite. There are a number of riding schools throughout the resort which offer lessons and trips. The Horse Sport Center, is found just 11kms away from the centre of Pattaya and offers lessons and guided treks as well as hiring horses for gentle rides along the beach. Beginners are always provided with gentle horses.

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For people seeking slightly more of an adrenaline rush, motor racing in Pattaya is a very popular pastime. It is possible to simply be a spectator or with some training, take part yourself. The resort boasts an internationally accredited racing track and all training on bikes will be provided. It;s a great way to spend a day with friends although you should be comfortable rising a motorbike before competing in a race.

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Tennis and squash are also played here, although much more for leisure than anything else and in the heat of the day, running round a tennis court is most people’s idea of torture! Lounging round the pool is far better. However, that being said Pattaya is home to a number of tennis championships and you might be surprised to know that there are over 1000 courts in the resort and surrounding areas. Squash is not as popular, but you will still find squash courts available for guests. 

{timg title:=”Pattaya: a Sporting Overview” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/muaythai.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/bigmuaythai.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) is a must when in Pattaya.  Taking part might not be your thing, but watching a match or two should not be missed as it’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget. Before each match, a special ceremony is performed through which the boxers pay respect to their teachers and this in itself is a completely unique experience.

Finally, it’s not possible to take a trip to the beach and not enjoy the water itself. As with most resorts in Thailand, Pattaya boasts plenty of water sports to keep you busy for an eternity if necessary! Whether you live here or are on holiday, you will no doubt take advantage of the beautiful coastline.

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