Services for Siam Royal View’s Pattaya Villas

Along with meticulous design and construction, Siam Royal View maintains exacting day-to-day service standards to ensure residents experience the joys of luxury villa living without interruption. A team of skilled European and Thai technicians ensure the village infrastructure and services are maintained to the very highest standards.

The Siam Royal View team is committed to making sure everything runs smoothly by maintaining communal areas and offering a dedicated residential, gardening and private swimming pool maintenance service, along with a comprehensive villa rental management services to optimise returns for owner investors.

Village technical Maintenance at Siam Royal View Pattaya

Ongoing technical maintenance of the village is handled by an experienced team of well-trained European and Thai technicians including specialists in the fields of construction, IT, electrical, plumbing and sanitation systems. The residents of our Pattaya villas demand the highest standards and we are committed to ensuring everything meets their wishes.

Garden Maintenance Service for our Resident’s Villas

Siam Royal View and its affiliates has a staff of experienced gardeners available to sculpt your surrounding property to your exact specifications, whether you want a complete redesign or simply watering, cutting, pruning and trimming services to maintain your grounds in spotless condition.

technical Maintenance service

The well-trained village maintenance team is also available to villa owners to keep their homes in perfect condition on request. Everything from burnt-out light bulbs to clogged drains can be handled by the Siam Royal View team at reasonable fees, leaving you free to enjoy worry-free leisure time.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

The majority of our Pattaya villas have a private pool within the grounds of their home. Private swimming pools can be looked after by our affiliated, specialised team who can clean it as well as check and adjust the water quality on a regular basis according to your specifications.

Villa Management and Rental Services

Residents that are away from their villa for extended periods or who purchase our Pattaya villas as an investment for rental returns can rely on Siam Royal View’s team to look after their property. We ensure the property remains in prime condition by airing it out and performing regular maintenance checks to ensure that everything is functioning properly. We also run a Pattaya villa rental service to assist with finding and manage tenants, collect rent revenues and keep the accounts up to date. Contact us today to learn how we can help you to maximize your investment.