There was a full house at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) for the closing ceremony of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2011.The 151 winners stepped up to receive their gold, silver and bronze awards amid rapturous applause from the audience. Throughout the award ceremony, there were some amazing Thai cultural shows to keep everyone happy.


Dr Kanchit Malaivongs, Chairman of the IOI 2011 took to the podium to announce the overall results of the competition. The top four places were taken by Gennady Korotkevich from Belarus who had a perfect score of 600. He was closely followed by Fan Haoqiang from China who boasted 599 points. The third and fourth places were filled by Pavel Kunyavskiy from Russia and the Brazilian Felipe Souza respectively. Thailand’s top two participants were Pasin Manurangsi who was placed an impressive 12th and Sorawit Suriyakarn who surpassed his own expectations to finish in 24th place. Both of them won Thailand gold medals. The other two competitors from Thailand earned a silver and bronze medal respectively.

Mr Arturo Cepeda, president of the IOI gave a short speech on the overall quality of this year’s competition and praised the Thai organisers for the success of the event. The Chairman of the IOI Italy Committee 2012, Dr Giuseppe Colosio, proudly accepted the flag which is given to the following years hosts. The IOI 2012 is scheduled to open in the city of Sirmione which sits on the banks of the Garda Lake, in the north east of Italy. The city is renowned for its historic past and is steeped in Italian culture.

The Olympiad has given people who would not necessarily visit Pattaya the chance to see exactly what the resort has to offer. It is the perfect place for families, young people and older people looking for a break in the sun.

The General Manager of PEACH, Mr Joachim Grill presented the “Green Certificate” to Dr Kanchit Malaiyongs, and the Chairman of the Sponsorship Committee, Associate Professor Dr Tatchai Sumitra. This prestigious certificate is only awarded to organisations that have exceeded normal expectations to safeguard the environment and reduce global warming. The reputation of the organisation was enhanced by their decision to hold the 2011 event at PEACH.

PEACH hosted an Initiative on Green meeting which agreed on the environmentally friendly policies and initiatives to reduce pollution, emissions and the use of natural resources during the event.  This is one of many initiatives taken throughout the country in favour of green causes. The protection of the environment is at the top of many lists as pollution and general lack of care is threatening to ruin many beautiful sites that were once examples of pristine nature. Pattaya is giving its people and tourists the chance to go green!