Pattaya development plan offers a ‘Greenotive’ vision of the future

A consortium of local government and business interests has launched a bold and exciting Pattaya development plan. It is designed to create a model modern metropolis, combining urban vibrancy with natural beauty and breathtaking innovation with cultural tradition. The ambitious project is outlined in a report entitled ‘New Pattaya, the World Class Tourism City’. The Pattaya development plan calls for the city to shake off its sometimes tawdry image and live up to its potential as one of Asia’s most exciting and desirable energetic hubs.

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It aims to create a vibrant, multi-faceted urban area encompassing shops, restaurants and nightlife that will appeal to upmarket tourists. It also intends to position Pattaya as the premier Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions (MICE) city in Asia. The plan calls for a permanent crackdown and stricter regulations on notorious vice spots to extend the city’s appeal to new markets. Pattaya has already made enormous strides in this area and there is now a wide variety of entertainment choices on offer.

A green theme is central to the vision of the Pattaya development plan, which includes the establishment of conservation in both the coastal and inland areas. The marine area, expanding out from Pattaya bay and including both the city and Jomtien beaches, is to be designated as a conservation area with strict environmental controls. The forests and lakes to the north of the city are also to be protected and made areas for the enjoyment of natural outdoor activities.

The protection of Pattaya’s cultural attractions is also to receive attention. Historic buildings and traditional areas, like fishing villages, are to have their traditional character protected and preserved.

The project combines 132 individual city projects within a single overarching development plan. One of difficulties of the scheme was coordinating across various different local municipality authorities, but the reclassification of the city in 2009 as a Designated Area for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) and national cabinet approval of the scheme have removed one of the barriers of implementation.




The plan is certainly ambitious, but so is the cost. The entire budget for the Pattaya development plan requires an investment of over 15 billion baht. The biggest expense is transportation, with two public transport schemes priced at a total of 4.8 billion baht as well as additional substantial costs for road improvements. Other big budgeted expenses are improvements to public utilities and various social and environment schemes.

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The sheer cost of the project is one of the stumbling blocks hindering the plans implementation. According to newspaper reports, the Thai central government has pledged only 1% of the money required, leaving an enormous black hole in the required budget. Nevertheless, Pattaya city officials are adamant that they will push on with some of the 132 smaller individual projects in the scheme and make incremental improvements until funds become available to tackle the bigger projects.

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