For many who live in cooler climates, owning a home in a stunning tropical location and enjoying a laid back lifestyle of endless summers is the ultimate dream.

Siam Royal View’s range of luxury Thailand villas has already made these aspirations a reality for many people.

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Our property developments offer some of the most outstanding living choices in Asia. Our Thailand villas represent an outstanding range of properties configured to your personal designs and tastes, However we do not only build homes; we truly understand the concerns of people wishing to buy property overseas, and have an experienced team who can assist you with every aspect of purchasing a dream home.

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We can assist you to ensure that the legal framework behind your villa purchase is sound, so that your life remains comfortable and hassle-free into the future.

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One of the most attractive benefits of buying a property from Siam Royal View is the investment character of a lifestyle home and our history shows that our Thailand villas appreciate in capital value and offer a rental income option.

Ever more baby boomers from the Northern Hemisphere are retiring, creating a growing demand for comfortable homes and lifestyles in tropical locations. Thailand, with its modern infrastructure, pleasant lifestyle and friendly people is at the top of the list of dream destinations. This will ensure that there is always a demand for superior property in the best locations.

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Location is a key value driver into the future, since prime locations naturally become rarer as development proceeds. Siam Royal View’s property developments are situated in some of Thailand’s most desirable locations.

Prices will continue to rise for a variety of reasons, from macro to micro economic considerations. This allows Siam Royal View’s customers to enjoy an enviable lifestyle, while at the same time making a sound financial investment.

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Land in Thailand is measured in Rai, Ngan and Tarang Wah.
1 Tarang Wah = 4 m2
1 Ngan = 100 Tarang Wah or 400 m2
1 Rai = 4 Ngan or 1600 m2

In comparison to Western Standards:
2.50 Rai = 1 Acre
6.25 Rai = 1 Hectare

It is import to note that retail land is usually priced in Thai Baht per Tarang Wah, while undeveloped wholesale land is quoted in Thai Baht per Rai.

Liveable area is usually indicated in m2 and includes the terrace areas.


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