In times of financial uncertainty, investors seek investment safe havens. This has been a fact since the invention of money. Over 80000 such investors descended on a pilgrimage to what has established its self as by far the world largest real estate exhibition, Cityscape, in Dubai from October 6th -9th .

In Dubai where real estate projects are an obsession, bigger is better, money seems to lose its relevance and the worlds tallest and most elaborate buildings are standing in line to be built, this real estate “Mecca” (both the show and the city itself ) can only be described with superlatives. A Disneyland for real estate junkies may be fitting.

Over 500 local and international exhibitors where spread out over the huge 8 exhibition halls. Although the international exhibits where dwarfed by the Dubai developers, attendees showed keen interest in their more exotic offering.

As one of only three Thai representatives, Siam Royal View attended, exhibiting their Pattaya and the Koh Chang projects. The interest in both projects and indeed in Thailand real estate as a whole was so overwhelming that they ran out of brochures on the second day of the exhibition.

While the financial markets around the globe seemed to disintegrate, the organizers where forced to extend the opening hours of the event by one hour from 10h00 to 20h00 due to the unprecedented high volume of visitors. The exhibition halls where full of lively action during the entire time. Hotels in the city where booked to capacity and traffic jammed daily, to and from the exhibition grounds.

After and particularly through this current period of uncertainty, we will find ourselves in a new financial world order, needing to rethink where and how we market real estate.

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