The biggest charity and networking event so far in Pattaya, drawing in over 500 guests, took place in the Centara Grand Mirage Hotel on Friday Dec 3rd, 2010.

The event started already in the afternoon with a Texas Scramble golf tournament at the Plutaluang Navy Golf Course near Sattahip. After dark, the guests gathered on the open air terrace of the Centara Grand Mirage in the North of Pattaya to sip a couple of aperitifs and enjoy a high powered concert by three lady violonists on stage and by wandering around the audience. 


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After this awesome performance, the bells were rung to signalise the guests to move into the big ballroom. Various food and beverage buffets had been mounted throughout the giant hall, including two Volkswagen cocktail vans. Guests were entertained throughout the evening by a variety of shows on the massive stage. 

The entrance fees paid by the guests were by and large donated to charity; this was possible since the actual costs of the event had been paid for by the three main sponsors:  Siam Royal View (luxury villas in Pattaya and Koh Chang), the Cliff by Nova Group (condo project in Pattaya), and Kone (elevators).

Towards the end of the evening, the organizer of the event, Cees Cuijpers, proudly reported that 210,000 Baht had been collected, to be donated to the Melissa Cosgrove Children Foundation. which had previously been selected by the Lighthouse Group Pattaya. 

Tracy Cosgrove, the founder of the Children Foundation, thanked the organizers and sponsors and added that this money would enable them to finally implement a new project that would make a big difference for the children in their care.

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The large number of guests came together since the event had been promoted by a consortium initiated by Cees’ Town & Country Property Company, JVK International Movers and the Real Estate Magazine, and included influential organizations such as the British Chamber of Commerce, Australian Chamber of Commerce, and last but but least further reinforced by the 3 main sponsors Siam Royal View, The Cliff by Nova Group, and Kone Elevators.

The evening was considered a great success in all regards: the charity objectives had been met, the participants were able to warm up existing relations and to establish new ties, and everybody had a jolly good evening. 

The Movers and Shakers 2010 event in Pattaya was the first, but –  considering its success – certainly not the last one to be staged. 

Video Footage from the event, including an Interview with the CEO of Siam Royal View:

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