If you have a few hours to spare while you are in Pattaya and fancy doing a quick tour of the world, you’ve come to the right place. Located just outside Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road, Mini Siam is a cheesy yet fun way to spend an afternoon. It’s divided into two sections – Mini Siam and Mini Europe – although also contains replicas from countries such as Australia and the US.

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It boasts mini replicas of some of the world’s most famous sights as well as many Thai spiritual and historical landmarks. You will find a mini Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and even a minature leaning tower of Pisa!  You will also get to see scaled down replicas of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, ruins in Ayutthaya and Don Mueang Airport.

A great deal of effort has been put into each replica and you really can tour the world in a few hours. For history buffs, visit the Colosseum before heading straight to Angkor Wat or take in the architectural wonders of London’s Tower Bridge followed by the contrasting Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tehre’s actually nowhere else like it in the world – you can literally see the sights of Paris followed by a trip to Beijing before nipping round the corner to Germany!

Mini Siam is truly like nothing you’ll have experienced before and while it is something of a tourist trap, with bus loads of tourists being shipped in daily, it is still great fun and well worth a couple of hours wondering round.

If you have children with you, they will love all of the displays and you can enjoy a spot of lunch together before having a walk around the beautiful gardens once again. Your children will not have enough time to get bored and if they do, don’t fear there’s a number of souvenir shops on hand to help you spend your money as well as a number of side-show games for all the family.

If the daytime is too hot to spend it waling round attractions, a good option would be to visit at about 5pm – just before the sun goes down. It will be much cooler and you’ll also be able to see the sights at night when they’re lit up from below.

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The park is open until 10 pm every day (from 7 am) so you have plenty of time. Admission is very reasonable and well worth the price. If you can put up with the crowds (especially if you visit in peak season) you’ll have a very memorable time and will have some great photo opportunities.

There are day trips available through travel agents, but the best way is to make the short distance from Pattaya by yourself, this will give you the freedom to spend as long (or as little time) as you like there. It’s something different to spending the day on the beach and will be a great source of amusement for children of all ages.

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