Buying a Pattaya home is making an investment in Thailand’s most prosperous region the Eastern Seaboard. The GDP per head is slightly higher than the GDP of the Bangkok area and the regional economy is the fastest growing it the area. It is often referred to as the ‘Detroit” of Asia’ in recognition of the number of major motor vehicle manufacturers and their auxiliary businesses that have located here while other manufacturing industries, particularly the petrochemical sector, have spurred dramatic economic growth for this region.

Pattaya is the region’s major city and is a leading international tourist destination with a number of excellent beaches, leading tourist attractions and a lively restaurant and nightlife scene. Many people from around the world have made Pattaya home and the city plays host to Thailand’s largest expatriate community outside Bangkok. Pattaya has grown into a bustling metropolis which boasts excellent infrastructure, amenities and facilities.

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Apart from the vibrant city centre, most Pattaya homes are typically located in suburban in residential areas. Residents that have chosen to set up their Pattaya home at Siam Royal View have one of the very best locations in the city on a hill overlooking the bay and city skyline. The development is characterised by luxury, European designed villas in spacious surrounding and with spectacular views.

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Pattaya is a city that caters to the widest range of personal and community interests. There are sporting facilities to suit all passions including a number of truly world class golf courses. Both the Thai and expatriate communities are involved in an abundance of social, cultural, charity and activities.

The city caters to culinary tastes from around the world with over 1,000 restaurants, ranging from McDonald’s fast food to Thai cuisine of every kind and from inexpensive fisherman style seafood shanties to high level five star international restaurants.

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For lovers of live music with a Pattaya home, there are a range of night spots that can cater to aficionados of any musical taste, including quiet romantic piano bars, blues, jazz, rock & roll , classical and even Moulin Rouge style Cabaret shows. The city is also home to upmarket cocktail bars, lively Irish pubs, sports bars and much more. A stroll down the world famous Walking Street is a must.

Pattaya offers a huge selection of shopping, department stores, boutiques, markets and supermarkets where you will find nearly everything a foreigner is accustomed to from home.

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For those concerned with healthcare, there are multiple international hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries that offer a very high level of medical care. Thailand is renowned for the availability of which high quality health care and a large number of medical tourists are attracted to Pattaya every year. Thailand also boasts some of the most talented surgeons in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery as well as other medical specialities.

Buying a Pattaya home offers people the opportunity to make a lifestyle investment in a modern city with a developed infrastructure combined with a low cost of living that is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the world. This is why so many of the baby boomer generation have decided to make Pattaya home for their retirement.


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