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Lifestyle investment is a growing worldwide trend, as successful people start to consider not only the material aspect of their investments, but also wish to benefit from their investments on a personal level and enjoy a higher, more relaxed quality of life.

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Owning a home in Thailand is the perfect way to create a new lifestyle free from worry and stress. For many years, Thailand has been considered one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. Its warm friendly population are renowned for their friendly welcome and it is because of this that the country is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’.

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Thailand also has a highly developed infrastructure. Travel around the country is easy with a very highly developed road network and many cities services by regular domestic flights. Thailand is also developing as a major international travel hub with daily flights to scores of destinations in Asia and around the world.

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Making a lifestyle investment in a home in Thailand does not have to mean being shut off from the world. Thailand has a completely modern communications network with broadband internet access being standard in many Thai homes and a wide ranging 3G mobile network with plans for 4G at an advanced stage.

There is a large international community who have already made home in Thailand and there are a host of western oriented services, including international satellite television, supermarkets carrying an enormous selection of western goods. In addition most population centres have a range of western restaurants, bars and cafes as well as cinemas and other entertainments.

People thinking of setting up a home in Thailand need not be concerned about healthcare. Thailand has established itself as a world medical hub and many people travel from around the world to take advantage of hospitals that offer higher quality care at a fraction of the price of most people’s home countries.

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There is also the richness of Thai culture to enjoy. Thai cuisine is renowned as one of the finest culinary styles in the world from the myriad of treats on offer from roadside stalls to the rich grand style of Royal Thai cuisine. Thailand also celebrates a number of unique and spectacular festivals throughout the year to which all a welcome to join in and enjoy.

For those wanting considering a home in Thailand, real estate prices will be a consideration. Although property prices have increased steadily over the last decade they still are considerably less than one would pay in the western world. They also offer a bargain when compared to other comparable destinations in Asia. The price levels in Vietnam or Malaysia are up to three times higher than Thailand, and Singapore prices are even considerably greater.

Siam Royal View currently offers two excellent opportunities for the perfect lifestyle investment in a home in Thailand. Our Pattaya lifestyle development offers a range of wonderful homes that offer truly spectacular views of the beach and seafront cityscape. For an idyllic island beach lifestyle, our Koh Chang villas are part of one of the most exciting property developments in Asia and offer an unrivalled standard of living.

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