A Koh Chang island lifestyle represents a dream of many people. A life of tranquillity and leisure, surrounded by untouched nature, but with sufficient, healthy, modern civilisation to ensure a comfortable life that caters to your needs and pleasures.

The natural surroundings are stunning – warm, blue tropical seas and lush green forest result in spectacular views.

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Don’t worry about getting bored of island life; there are endless activities to keep your life busy and fun.

By day you can take it easy and lie on the beach or sit by the pool and take in the sun, take time over lunch or enjoy a enjoy a cool drink overlooking the sea, pamper yourself with a massage and spa or work up a sweat with game of tennis or another active pursuit.

You can explore the mountainous jungle by foot or by bike, soak in a waterfall pool or take a stroll through unspoiled forest, visit charming local villages or hope between islands. Dive beneath the waves to marvel at reefs or feel the thrill of spray in your face while you shoot over the waves on jet ski or speedboat.

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By night, you can indulge in the beach sunset or party in town, have a poolside barbeque or dine five star. Relax in the beaches quiet or dance the night away to live music.

Whatever your pleasure, Koh Chang offers the perfect location to unwind, relax and indulge in the pleasures of life.

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