Make a Lifestyle Investment in a Home in Thailand

Lifestyle investment is a rapidly growing trend around the world as people now choose to live life by different rules. Along with the material aspect of their investments, a new lifestyle is also an emotional investment as people opt for a simpler, more relaxed quality of life. Home ownership in Thailand is the perfect way to create a new lifestyle free from worry and stress. For many years, Thailand has been considered one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations and welcomes all with its quintessential friendly way of life. It is no surprise it is known as the ‘Land of Smiles.‘

Thailand offers the perfect East-meets-West Lifestyle

Thailand also has a highly developed infrastructure. Thailand travel is seamless with an excellent road network and many cities are linked by regular domestic flights. The Thai capital has become a major international travel hub offering Bangkok flights to numerous destinations in Asia and around the world.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most expat-friendly nations in Asia. There is a large international community across Thailand and there is no shortage of western oriented services, including international satellite television and supermarkets selling an enormous variety of western produce. In addition most population centres have a wide array of western restaurants for every palate, bars and cafes, as well as cinemas and other western style entertainment.

Immerse in the Thai Lifestyle

A key element of a new lifestyle experience is the richness of Thai culture. Thai cuisine is deservedly renowned as one of the finest culinary styles in the world. The country also celebrates a number of unique and spectacular Thai festivals throughout the year with great joy, and all are welcome to join in and celebrate together with proud Thais.

Superb Value Thailand Real Estate

Thailand’s real estate market is booming with prices increasing steadily, yet fabulous bargains are still easily attainable and at only a fraction of the cost one would have to pay in the west. They are also a great bargain when compared to other comparable destinations in Asia. Average real estate prices in Vietnam or Malaysia are up to three times higher than Thailand, while the Singapore housing market is considerably more expensive.

Siam Royal View currently offers a choice of two attractive locations for a lifestyle investment in a home in Thailand. Our Pattaya lifestyle development offers a range of stylish homes with truly spectacular views of the beach and seafront cityscape. For an idyllic island beach lifestyle, our Koh Chang villas are part of one of the most exciting property developments in Asia and offer an unrivalled standard of stylish island living.