Make a Lifestyle Investment with a Pattaya Home

By purchasing a Pattaya home you are making a strategic investment choice in Thailand’s most prosperous region, the Eastern Seaboard. The GDP per capita is slightly higher than the GDP of the Bangkok area and the regional economy is the fastest growing in the country. It is often referred to as the ‘Detroit” of Asia’ in recognition of the number of major motor vehicle manufacturers and the supporting businesses that have sprung up here. Other manufacturing sectors, particularly in petrochemicals have spurred the dramatic economic growth for this region.

Pattaya is the region’s major city and a premier international tourist destination in its own right. It has a number of excellent beaches, tourist attractions and an incredibly vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Many nationalities have made Pattaya home and has Thailand’s largest expatriate community outside of Bangkok. Pattaya has transformed itself into a bustling metropolis which boasts excellent infrastructure, amenities and facilities.

Pattaya Home at Siam Royal View

Beyond from the vibrant downtown area, most Pattaya homes are typically situated in suburban residential areas. Residents that have chosen to set up their Pattaya home at Siam Royal View have one of the finest locations in the city, set on a hill overlooking the bay and city skyline. Siam Royal View Pattaya is characterised by luxury European designed villas set in spacious landscaping which afford spectacular panoramic views.

Despite its size, Pattaya is a city with a strong community focus with a wide variety of sports and leisure amenities including several world class standard championship golf courses. The local community – Thai and expatriates alike – have access to a wide range of social, cultural and charity activities.

Pattaya is a Foodie’s Heaven

The city’s culinary scene is a cosmopolitan one with more than 1,000 restaurants catering to every discening palate, from fast food to Thai specialities and refined five-star international restaurants. Lovers of live music will find themselves poiled for choice in Pattaya. The city’s vinrant scene hits the right note for all tastes, from romantic piano bars, jazz, rock & roll, classical and even Moulin Rouge style Cabaret shows. For a lively introduction to the Pattaya nightlife scene, a stroll down the world famous Walking Street is a must.

Peace of Mind with World-Class Healthcare Facilities

Quality healthcare is always an important consideration when embarking on a lifestyle change in a new location. Thankfully, Pattaya is home to numerous international hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries offering a very high level of medical care. The standards of care available in the city attracts a growing number of medical tourists and Pattaya is noted for its leading position as a centre of high quality reconstructive and plastic surgery.

The Perfect Place to Retire

A Pattaya home offers the rare opportunity of a secure lifestyle investment in a cosmopolitan city without breaking the bank. The low cost of living in Pattaya is the major attraction and it is virtually impossible to find a comparable city anywhere else in the world. This is one reason why so many baby boomers choose to make Pattaya their home for retirement. Contact our expert customer service team to learn more about your options for a retirement home in Pattaya.