If you are looking for daytrips in and around Pattaya, you will not be short of options!  There are many places for you and your family to have an adventure or two. One of the most popular and most exciting places in the area is Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi. This is no ordinary zoo. It is located in beautiful forests and is more of a sanctuary with many animals free to roam in their very own secure environments. These individual habitats include: desert, grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, rocks and mountains.

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If you and your family are animal lovers, this is a must-see. The zoo promotes responsible animal management, which has been recognised internationally and boasts over 300 different species.   There are approximately 8,000 animals which call the 5,000 rai sanctuary home, including the newest arrivals; six rare white tigers which have arrived on exchange from Memphis Zoo in the US.

Many animals at the zoo are on the endangered species list and the zoo aims to help these animals through its highly successful breeding programme. A great example of these is the Clouded Leopard. These extremely rare animals are highly endangered, but they are successfully breeding them at the zoo. Other success stories include that of the Asian wild dog, Malayan Tapir and the tiger. 

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Bird lovers among us will be extremely impressed with the amount of rare bird species found here. A walk-through aviary has been specifically designed and built on the slope of the mountain and is the second largest in Asia.  Two of the rarest birds at the zoo include the endangered Black Necked Stork and White Crested Laughing Thrush.

The children’s zoo is home to a number of smaller animals from different ecological systems as well as a small adventure playground. The concept of this area is to stimulate interest and education in the young. Children will learn to interact with the animals and feel confident among nature.

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Another specialist area worth a visit is the Wild Cats Park. This was originally set up by the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) under the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN). It is very successful and one of a kind in Asia. The park has its own 40 acres of land with 348 different species of wild cats in eight separate enclosures. Domestic house cats can also be seen here and have their own little Thai house while nocturnal cats can be seen in the ‘dark world tunnel’ their very own night simulated area.

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Tigers have their own separate area and those people who want a unique experience can enjoy a trek on an elephant which also have their very own area.

After a trip to the zoo during the day, why not experience it at night! The Night Safari is a great experience for the whole family and includes a buffet dinner and a 45 minute tram ride through 3.5kms of different habitats. It is the perfect opportunity to see some of the more nocturnal animals come to life.  Animals such as elephants, tapirs, giraffes, llamas and wild cats can all be seen on this tour as well as a 30 minute amusing animal presentation.

Located just 45 minutes outside of Pattaya, the zoo is a great experience for young and old alike.

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