Healthcare in Pattaya


The healthcare facilities on Pattaya are of a high international standard.

The Bangkok Hospital is generally considered to offer the best standard of care with internationally trained doctors and cutting edge medical facilities.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya,
located in Pattaya North, Sukhumvit Road,
Emergency Phone No. 1719
See also for further details.

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There are a number of other good hospitals in the area; the Pattaya Memorial Hospital is one of the most popular among the expat community.

Pattaya Memorial Hospital,
located in Pattaya Klang on Second Road,
Phone: 038-429422/4


Personal wellness is a traditional part of Thai life and throughout the city there are countless massage and spa outlets.

Every major hotel offers its own massage and spa, but there are literally thousands of independent institutions across the city.

Healthland, on Pattaya North Road is considered one of the best and most exclusive spas.

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For sports and fitness there are many facilities all over the city. The Fairtex Sport Club offers very high quality fitness facilities as well as a full spa service.