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Thailand has had a long love affair with golf, and golf in Pattaya has a passionate following. The country offers countless beautiful lush courses – many designed by top names such as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Peter Thompson and others of similar stature – and hosts some of Asia’s most important tournaments, the Johnnie Walker Classic and the Honda LPGA Tournaments.

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However, nowhere in the country offers the range of first rate facilities that can be found in Pattaya.

The weather permits year-round play and the service at the courses is among the best in the world – and probably the best value for money anywhere.

Caddy service is pretty much obligatory, with well-trained (and usually female) caddies who know the course well enough to help you bring down your score by a few strokes.

Most courses have refreshment bars every three holes or so, where you can have a drink and a snack and take your time – Thai-style.

These links to Pattaya golf websites can provide a wealth of information on the game locally.

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Golf in Pattaya is catered to by 21 golf courses within an hour’s drive of the city and with 15 of them being championship class. The courses are rarely crowded and there is no need to book weeks ahead. Pattaya is truly one of the most golfer friendly locations on the planet.

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