Pattaya is rapidly transforming itself into one of the trendiest cities in Asia and as a result, is increasingly attracting an international jet set crowd who demand the better things in life.

The influx of people who are used to high quality living has resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of restaurants at the top end of the market – the bar has been raised to an entirely new level.

There is some excellent fine dining in Pattaya and our review of the restaurants below gives you a taste of the quality food and ambience available in the city. 


Bruno’s Restaurant and Bar Pattaya

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Since opening in 1996, Bruno’s has long been providing fine dining in Pattaya. The restaurant was established by Alois Fassbind and Bruno Forrer to provide a true five-star dining experience outside of the top hotels. The food is prepared under the watchful direction of executive chef Fredy Schaub and serves up the highest quality cuisine on a daily basis.

Several dining options are available. There is a lounge bar menu of platters designed for sharing and exploring wonderful tastes from around the world. A set lunch menu gives guests the chance to try the cuisine of the house at a very reasonable price for food of exceptional quality. An extensive al la carte menu is also available. For dinner, Bruno’s serves outstanding haute cuisine.

The restaurant is decorated with modern but restrained décor and features a walk in wine cellar which aficionados of the grape will just love!

The Peak Chinese Restaurant – Dusit Thani Pattaya

For fine dining Chinese style, The Peak  has few equals in all of Thailand. The restaurant is furnished in modern style and being located on the eighth floor of the Dusit Thani Hotel, has outstanding views of Pattaya Bay.

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However what draws guests is the exceptional quality of the Chinese delicacies on offer, served in an unpretentious but innovative style. The menu ranges from the most delicate Chinese pastries to drunken chicken and from fresh Phuket lobster to crispy Peking duck.

Eating at the Peak is a true assault on the finest senses – sensational.

The Mata Hari Restaurant Pattaya

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As elegant, sensual, sophisticated as its namesake, the World War One spy, the Mata Hari is about the worst kept secret in Pattaya. The brainchild of restaurateur Louis Noll, the Mata Hari has been providing fine dining in Pattaya since 1996. Its longevity is hardly surprising as the restaurant oozes atmosphere and the food is sensational.

Although the Mata Hari has a Thai selection on its menu, what it specialises in is in showcasing high quality European style cuisine. There are culinary treasures from all over Europe including herring from Scandanavia, bitterballen from Holland, jamón Ibérico from Spain, ravioli from Italy and lamb kofte from Turkey – the list goes on and on. The food is beautifully presented and tastes amazing; it is no wonder that the Mata Hari remains one of Pattaya’s most popular quality restaurants.

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The Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar – Pattaya

If the grill is your thing, the Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar is quite simply unbeatable. The restaurant is located in the five star Royal Cliff resort and is decorated with a wonderful teak wood finish which just exudes quality.

The Royal Grill room opens out onto a spectacular garden terrace with wonderful sea views that enhance the dining experience. However, despite the magnificent surroundings it is the menu that is the star. The highest class meats, fish and seafood from across the world are on offer and it shows in the quality of the meal on the plate.

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