The Siam Royal View Koh Chang Beach Club

The social hub for residents of our Koh Chang villas is the centrally located Beach Club.

The beach club offers a stylish open concept restaurant with great views looking out onto the beach and Klong Son Bay. The restaurant serves international and Thai dishes and the chef frequently changes the menu to make new and exciting choices available.

The Club also provides an exotic palm-fringed bar for enjoying snacks and drinks by the nearby communal swimming pool.

The Beach Club is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal or drinks with friends and neighbours and is also open to outside residents who are also free to take advantage of the Club’s excellent swimming pool.

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Swimming Pools

Residents of our Koh Chang villas are can enjoy the use of two state-of-the-art infinity-edge swimming pools at the development. The pools utilise the latest technology to provide clean, fresh water ideal for a dip to cool off or for swimming laps. Unlike chlorine technology, salt technology used at Siam Royal View is friendly to skin and does not cause red eyes.

The Beach Club pool is 40-metres long and has ample loungers for those wishing to soak up the sun or enjoy a drink from the poolside bar. The area also has easy access to the sea for those wanting a saltwater dip.

A second infinity pool is located on the other side of the development near the Sunset Park villas and Condo. This pool offers a stunning view of the bay as well as a wet bar for enjoying cocktails as you gaze out over the ocean. 

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Water Sport Centre

The water sports centre provides a host of activities for the more energetic residents of our Koh Chang villas. A range of exciting water sports are available and planned for the future including canoeing, speed-boating, water skiing, boogie boarding, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), scuba diving and others.

The exclusive nature of the beaches surrounding Siam Royal View means it is the perfect location for indulging a passion for water sports away from the crowds. The water sports centre can provide instruction on all the sports on offer as well as all the required equipment.

Tourists and residents of Koh Chang are welcome to visit Siam Royal View to take advantage of the superior facilities and water sports. 

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Sports and Outdoor Facilities

In addition to the water sports centre, there are a host of other sports and outdoor facilities on offer to residents of our Koh Chang villas. The 40-metre pool at the Beach Club is perfect for lap swimming to help you stay in trim.

For runners and joggers, Siam Royal View offers a variety of environments including the beach, paved roads or, for the more adventurous, runs in the adjoining national park. Those that prefer a gentler pace can enjoy some stunning nature walks in the protected forest that adjoins the development. 

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Golf Course

Siam Royal View is home to the island’s only golf course and villa residents and their guests can enjoy a round anytime during daylight hours. For more information about our state of the art golf course click here.

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Koh Chang Marina

Siam Royal View is host to the most advanced marina on Thailand’s eastern sea board. It is the ideal permanent base for boat owners in the Gulf of Thailand or visiting yachtsmen who wish to explore the area.

The region has much to offer to experienced sailors, including over 60 islands in the Chang archipelago alone, as well as the Trat River or the seas joining nearby Cambodia.

The facility provides the only full-service private marina within a radius of 200km, tucked away down a wide and easy-to-access river behind a naturally protected harbour — so your precious craft is safe from any heavy weather.

The marina also provides a host of extra facilities, including a stunning restaurant and bar overlooking Klong Son river which is available to all the residents of our Koh Chang villas but also to visiting yachtsmen and other offsite guests. 

Click here for more details on Siam Royal View’s stunning marina.

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Dry Dock Boat Storage


Many Siam Royal View residents own smaller recreational speedboats, sailing boats and jet skis. When in residence, many anchor them directly off the beach for day to day enjoyment, but if they are spending an extended period away from the island choose the security of our custom dry dock boat storage. Located in the Klong Son river estuary, the dry dock storage is fully equipped with a mechanical lift and is the perfect solution to storing your craft when not in use. 

{timg title:=”Our dry berth boat storage is a great facility for our Koh Chang villa residents ” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchangmarina/marinafacilities/small/facilities2.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/properties/kohchangmarina/marinafacilities/big/facilities2.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}

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