Facilities and Amenities at Siam Royal View’s Pattaya villa community

At Siam Royal View Pattaya, luxury living is supported by the finest on-site facilities. At the heart of the village is an inviting swimming pool with a unique sandy beach feel‘ which commands stunning views over the city skyline. Expansive green spaces give families ample opportunity for open air relaxtion, jogging, cycling and sports.

The village plans to feature the 360° Restaurant, which will offer exceptional in-resort dining facilities. Located at the highest point in the city, 360° Restaurant will offer the most stunning panaromic views.

Shared Facilities within our Pattaya Villa Community

The village itself has a welcoming community feel with many green open spaces isolated from the busy bustle of the outside world. These are communal facilities that can be enjoyed by all our villa owners and their guests. The village is ideal for jogging or cycling in the fresh air without having to contend with Pattaya’s traffic. It is an excellent place for children to grow up offering a safe environment where they can meet up and play with their neighbourhood friends.

Television Facilities at our Pattaya Villa Community

Members of Siam Royal View’s Pattaya villa community can enjoy the very best in television entertainment available in Thailand. Using the very latest satellite equipment, the development is designed so that each villa receives a hard wired signal providing our residents with an enormous choice of viewing options. Our system provides access to over 50 international and local television stations, offering a service from the leading international news broadcasters including the BBC, CNN and Bloomberg. There are documentary channels like National Geographic and the History Channel as well as American, European and other entertainment channels. International sport is extremely well covered in addition to a number of premier movie channels.

Multiple languages are supported too, including Deutsche Welle, French TV and stations in Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Korean.

The 360° Restaurant

Siam Royal View’s Pattaya villa community will benefit from a restaurant situated at the highest available point in the city. The 360° Restaurant and Lounge is currently under construction and when complete will offer superb Pattaya dining and the city’s most captivating views for all our residents.

This uniquely designed structure will have incredible all-around view of the Pattaya skyline and surrounding countryside, including a 50km stretch of coastline. The restaurant will offer the only high-end dining facilities east of Sukhumvit Road. The restaurant will include multiple floors with a landmark Sky Lounge at the top where visitors can enjoy a cool drink while relaxing at the highest point in the city.

Internet at Siam Royal View Pattaya

Today, Internet access is vital for staying in touch with work, friends and loved ones. We recognise the importance of fast internet speeds and have invested in the best available system to ensure the best possible internet service for our residents. We maintain high-speed connections with one of the leading national ISP companies and signals all running through a centralised load balancer that is then linked with every villa.