There are many regular cultural activities in Pattaya as well as a host of events throughout the year. Obviously there is a plethora of Thai festivals to be enjoyed, but the calendar is ever expanding and taking on a decidedly international flavour.

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The Pattaya Music Festival is a major musical event that is the highlight of an annual calendar that includes regular shows and concerts. Especially in the high season, an impressive number of further music performances are staged in and around Pattaya.

Especially noteworthy is the legendary New Year countdown party that is held over five days and culminates in a joyful start into the New Year. The annual Fireworks Festival also delights visitors and locals alike. These however are just a few from a long list of many further exciting events.

The state of the art Alangkarn Theatre puts on spectacular nightly Thai cultural shows updated with lasers and pyrotechnics.

The city also hosts a number of modern and traditional art galleries with regular openings of new exhibitions.

Less than two hours drive away, Bangkok, with its many world-class venues offers international standard cultural events, including touring Broadway and West End shows, the Bangkok Philharmonic Orchestra along with visiting orchestras, opera companies, chamber music ensembles and famous guest performers.

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Big name pop and rock acts also visit the city frequently. Bangkok also has many art and photography galleries featuring top talent.

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