Developing Young Minds

Prospective residents with young families will be pleased to know that the standard of private primary and secondary education in Thailand is very high, particularly in Pattaya and Bangkok.

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There is a good selection of quality international schools with curriculums in English that serve the expat community and affluent Thai families. Even the famous British institutions Harrow and Dulwich have set up campuses in the country and the number of international schools in Thailand continues to grow with increasing demand.

In many cases, the education is superior to the public education your child would receive in your home country, with a child-centred teaching style and smaller classes. Since children from all over the world from different cultures and religions attend these institutions, graduates tend to have a very international and tolerant outlook and often master at least two languages.

Most of the teachers are from the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Europe and all have international standard qualifications and experience. Facilities at the international schools in Thailand are comfortable and modern, making full use of up-to-date technologies.

These schools follow UK, US or a selection of Continental European and other curriculums, allowing the students seamless access to Universities in their respective home countries. Families throughout the rest of Asia are sending their children to international schools in Thailand, thanks to the excellent education value they offer for relatively low cost.

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Excerpt from one of the major International Schools in Thailand

“Our International School provides an education programme that suits the needs of local and international students. The School work is based on the UK National Curriculum and this is delivered in a child-centred approach. We have created a unique blend of traditional values and modern technology so that our students acquire attitudes, skills and knowledge that will ensure that they are able to participate successfully as citizens of tomorrow. Our programme places a special emphasis on students taking an active role in their own learning and showing a respect towards the cultures, religions and needs of others.

The teachers are highly qualified, western trained, and experienced in their respective fields. There are professional full and part-time expatriate faculty members from the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand. There are also teaching assistants and many support staff to help aid the faculty members both in and out of the classroom.”

Selection of International Schools in the Pattaya Area

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Adult Education

Adults have a number of locally-run courses to choose from in English and other languages, including Thai and ethnic cooking classes, traditional handicrafts, massage and of course Thai language.

A qualified private Thai language teacher will cost approx. 7,000 Baht (USD 230 / Eur 170) for a block of 20 lessons. Further information is available in any of the several local free ‘what’s on’ publications available throughout the country.