The organisers of the fastest growing and most environmentally friendly beauty pageant have chosen Pattaya, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, to host Miss Earth 2011. The glamorous event will be held on Nov 12, 2011 at the state of the art Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall and is sure to focus international attention on the city as millions worldwide tune in on live television.


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Miss Earth, which was started in 2001, has risen quickly in importance and is now globally recognised as one of the world’s premier beauty contests. What makes the competition truly stand out among its rival is its promotion of awareness of environmental issues.

The participants in Miss Earth are expected to have a keen interest in conservation and preservation issues. As well as being beautiful they are expected to be involved in environmental issue and to be able to speak knowledgably about issues of global concern. The Mss Earth foundation has been very active on an international level and is co-host to the United Nations Environment Programme’s annual Champion’ of the Earth environmental awards.

The winner of the 2010 Miss Earth pageant, held in Vietnam, was Nicole Faria representing India. Miss Faria has been very active as Miss Earth appearing at numerous events around the world promoting good environmental practice. Recently she was a leading participant in the world’s largest mass cycling event the ‘India Cyclothon’ in Mumbai where tens of thousands of people took to the streets on bikes to promote a greener and sustainable future. Miss Faria will be in Pattaya to hand her crown over to the new Miss Earth.

In Pattaya there will be competitors from over 50 countries and every continent vying for the honour of taking Miss Faria’s crown. Thailand will be represented by the extremely beautiful Miss Niratcha Tungtisanont better known by her nickname, Grace. The name is appropriate because she is indeed graceful but also extremely intelligent and passionate about environmental causes. Grace was born and raised in Bangkok but received a highly regarded Master’s degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of Arizona in the United States last year. She plans to continue her studies after at a doctoral level in 2012 but they may have to be delayed as with her incredible beauty to match her keen mind, Grace is regarded as one of the favourites to win the crown.

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The format for the event marries the traditional evening gown and swimsuit competitions with elements that test the competitor’s commitment and knowledge of the environment. One of these stages is an interview with the judges’ panel where the girls must appear with a natural look, without make up and speak personally about their views on the environment, their projects and share personal aspirations. In the final stages those lucky enough to have advanced will be expected to answer unscripted questions about environmental issues.

Pattaya, a city surrounded by a stunning natural environment with tropical forests and conservation areas close by, as well as the natural serenity of the ocean is the ideal city to host the Miss Earth pageant and eagerly await the contest.

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