As the nation’s number one resort town, there is no shortage of attractions and entertainment in Pattaya. There is something to suit every interest and age group. This page gives you a small flavour of some of the many options available 

Daytime Activities in Pattaya

Night Time Entertainment in Pattaya

Pattaya’s original attraction has always been the beaches and the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The two main beaches on the mainland are Pattaya Beach and Jomtien, the latter being not only longer, but also generally considered the better, with plenty of food and other conveniences nearby.

There are also offshore islands with soft sandy beaches and a variety of watersports, the closest and most popular being Koh Lan with regular ferries taking you out and back.

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The city itself offers countless diversions with several entertainment complexes such as Pattaya Park Tower plus many other amusement and water parks.

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Other attractions include the lush orchid gardens of Nong Nooch Village Park (which includes sprawling botanical gardens and spectacular cultural shows), two large zoos, several Elephant Villages, a crocodile farm, Mini Siam, Underwater World Aquariums, a Floating Market village, formula car racing and go-cart racing tracks, and much more. There is even a 45-seat submarine to take you on excursions through nearby coral reefs.

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Pattaya really comes alive at night, with a huge range of entertainments. Aside from regular bars, there is plenty of live music including down home blues, rock & roll (including the Hard Rock Cafe), jazz and even Elvis impersonators – plus more relaxed lounge bars in many of the major hotels.

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For those who like to dance, there are dining and dancing evenings available, or for those with more modern tastes, Pattaya has numerous discos and nightclubs.

Other evening entertainment includes the Alangkarn musical show theatre and the world famous Ladyboy shows at Alcazar and Tiffany theatres – Vegas-style cabarets featuring the world’s most talented and beautiful men dressed as women.

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Thai people love a festival and Pattaya is host to a large number of them throughout the year, like the famous International Music Festival, various food festivals, the lights festival, the water festival, and many other occasions featuring organized festivities. For New Year (Western, Thai and Chinese New Year), the city and various enterprises organize extended celebrations.

Almost every weekend throughout the high season, there are fireworks displays bursting in the skies over the city. On the terrace of your Siam Royal View villa, you and your friends will have a first class seat to watch the fireworks in action.

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Local expat clubs also organise regular eveningsocial events for their members.

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