As a tropical country, the weather in Thailand is generally warm all year round. As a result, life is traditionally lived outdoors in gardens and terraces and countless al fresco restaurants. Temperatures drop to pleasant levels most evenings throughout the year, making it ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining.

In Central and Eastern Thailand (where Pattaya and Koh Chang are located) there are three seasons:

  • Hot season from March to May,
  • Rainy or ‘monsoon’ season from June to October
  • Cool season from November to February.

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Hot season, with occasional exceptions, is dry and sunny and even fans of the outdoors will usually turn on the air conditioning, if only for sleeping. The sun is very strong at this time, so it is important to wear a hat and sunscreen if you are outdoors for more than a few minutes. Temperatures range from 29°C – 38°C.

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Rainy season, or monsoon (not to be confused with “typhoon” which refers to a tropical hurricane), starts off slowly and builds up, with the wettest month being September. The rains are mostly sporadic, lasting an hour or two, and often in the late afternoon, so you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine even during this time of year. The rains help cool things down to a pleasant temperature. The typhoons that develop over the South China Sea lose their power as they cross land over Vietnam, leaving Thailand unscathed and as a result, serious tropical storms are very rare here. Temperatures range from 26°C – 34°C with high humidity.

Cool season offers the best weather in Thailand. The daytimes are dry and sunny, but not too hot and the evenings can be relatively chilly (for the tropics) in December and January, occasionally requiring a light jacket or sweater. This is weather at its most glorious. Daytime temperatures range from 20°C – 30°C.