For both tourists and international residents one of the biggest draws of Pattaya is the beach. Pattaya is one of Asia’s greatest beach cities; a modern thriving metropolis that can offer all the joys of a beach lifestyle. Although the curving four kilometre crescent of sand in Pattaya beach is the most popular, there are also a number of other beaches within easy reach – all of which we look at in our Pattaya Beach Guide.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is the border of the city centre, meaning that it is, in every sense of the word, a city beach. The northern part of the beach is the quietest section and most family friendly. The southern section runs right up against the central entertainment district and is liable to be somewhat lively, raucous even!

The south facing beach is bathed in sunshine from dawn until dusk and along the entire four kilometre stretch of Pattaya Beach are hotels, shops, restaurants and bars offering a myriad of entertainment options. The area literally teems with activity and life around the clock and as a result, Pattaya Beach is not somewhere to come for peace and quiet!

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is considerably less frenetic than Pattaya Beach and as a result, is generally more popular with Pattaya’s international residents. Jomtien beach is a six-kilometre stretch of sand located just a couple of kilometers from south Pattaya. Much of the area adjoining the beach is still urban, including a number of high rise apartment buildings, so it is much more of an urban beach.

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However, unlike Pattaya Beach, Jomtien has far less boats offshore and therefore feels infinitely more relaxing. It is very much a recreational beach with watersports being especially popular. It is one of Thailand’s leading destinations for windsurfers as well as being popular with sailors and kayakers. Jet ski and paragliding operators also use the waters parallel to the beach.

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Naklua Beach

Naklua Beach is to the north of the city and is a place to go for a relaxing beach environment. The frenetic pace of Pattaya Beach and sporty activity of Jomtien Beach are largely absent here, making it the perfect stretch of sand for sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying a gentle dip in the sea.

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Wong Amat and Wong Prachan Beaches

These two beaches are further north from Naklua Beach and are quieter still – making them the best two stretches of sand to escape the hurly burly of Pattaya City. Both these beaches are fringed with trees and the environment is perfect for quiet relaxation.

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