For many years, Thailand has been a destination of choice for retirees looking to escape to warmer climes. This is due to a number of different reasons, but mainly because of the lower cost of living, high standards of affordable healthcare and the ease of being granted a retirement visa.


One of the most popular cities in Thailand for retirees across the world is Pattaya. People are attracted to the weather, the abundant facilities and the ever-growing expat community. Pattaya’s Mayor recently announced that the city had opened its doors to international retirees looking for a second home. He stated that his city was ‘a superb choice for enjoying your golden years to the fullest’. Pattaya is re-branding itself as the ‘Thai Riviera’ that welcomes people throughout the world and a number of international retirees are making the most of the warm welcome they are given.


Another major draw for the retired community is the abundance of world-class, international quality health facilities. Many of the hospitals provide state-of-the-art facilities and medical care at a fraction of the cost of private healthcare in other countries.


All of these factors combine to offer retirees an improved quality of life at a much lower cost than in their home country. The ever-improving infrastructure enables foreigners to enjoy modern luxuries offering facilities and amenities to suit everyone. The city is fast shaking off its somewhat questionable image and is becoming the international hub of Thailand.


As a final thought in his speech, the mayor stated that Pattaya was a city where buying property offered a significant investment opportunity with residences likely to increase considerably in value in the coming years. In a time of economic uncertainty, Thailand offers the retired community stability and the ability to make the most of their hard earned pensions.

According to a source at the Chonburi Immigration Bureau, the number of one-year retirement visas has increased by over 30% in the last year. Most applications are from British citizens, however there has also been a noticeable surge in Russian applications. If this continues throughout 2013, over 45,000 visas will have been issued by the end of the year.


The same source added that there are many foreigners living in Thailand who use other visa options such as marriage visas, educational visas, business visas and work permits. However, if you fit the criteria and have enough financial security, the retirement visa is the best option and the easiest to renew.


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